sarah ceravolo

As a designer committed to exploring the potential of technology, Sarah Ceravolo has embraced computational design processes and fabrication methods to achieve optimal and dynamic functional form.


With a background in Fine Arts and Architecture, Sarah has developed a design-focused skillset ranging from gold and silversmithing to conceptual technology driven architecture.

Having already exhibited at the Beijing Biennale, Sarah presented to members of NASA at the 2012 Venice Biennale Space Symposium.  She has been featured on numerous world renowned blogging websites and has been involved in an exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and Wanted Design in New York.   Her solo Melbourne exhibition, Tango of the Minimal Surface, took place at fortyfivedownstairs in May 2016 and drew great attention to Sarah’s unique design and methods of fabrication.

Sarah is an advisor on thee 3D Manufacturing Industry’s Advisory Committee, Australia.