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A fashionable architect is not all that common, known for their black and clean cut or very understated attire, this reputation is all too true. When the worlds of an architect collide with that of a fashion designer, the whole world pays attention, especially when its with Issey Miyake.  Known for his attention to detail and highly structured materials, Miyake had been worn prolifically by the late Zaha Hadid and now he cements his relationship with architecture within the built environment itself.

21_21 Design Sight is as its title suggests, a place to see the best that design has to offer through a multi-disciplinary display of creative genius. From the architecture that surrounds to lighting by Issey Miyake and chairs by Willy Guhl perfectly nested in Tadao Ando’s courtyard. It wasn’t hard to decipher the collaborative aspects of this Edifice, Ando’s use of concrete, positive verse negative elements and placement in its context. Miyake’s angular folds appearing right before you in the form and within the structure of the Edifice.

 The building nestled in a manicured garden upon the cut green grass, much like an origami paper plane that was cast into the air and settled neatly upon the ground. Once on site, the appearance of the building is of a ground level only and once inside you discover the drop to the basement where exhibits are located and an interior courtyard acts as a well of light into the spaces.


An example of basic building elements and simple geometric forms relying upon the vision and ingenuity of knowledgeable and talented designers for relevance in architecture. Concrete and steel flood our cities and unlike this Edifice the materials often detract from the beauty and environment architecture should provide. One should note, architecture and buildings are not the same thing, although they appear to serve a similar purpose, it is as broad in function and capability, for example, as an analogue watch is to a smartwatch.

Miyake Light.jpg
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