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Sarah Ceravolo is a designer living and working in Melbourne, Australia.


She is the founder of both Convolo Design and H_SCALED while active in her role as Creative Director of Hydrogen Fuels Australia Pty Ltd, where she explores the transfiguration of fossil fuel to clean energy and the great potential for a positive urban and environmental impact through design.

As a designer committed to exploring the potential of technology, Sarah has embraced computational design processes and fabrication methods to achieve optimal and dynamic functional form.With a background in Fine Arts and Architecture, Sarah has developed a design-focused skill-set ranging from gold and silversmithing to architecture and major city planning.

Having already exhibited at the Beijing Biennale, Sarah then presented  at the 2012 Venice Biennale Space Symposium.  She launched a collection of work at the National Gallery of Victoria’s Design Week exhibition and Wanted Design in New York.   Her solo Melbourne exhibition, Tango of the Minimal Surface launched Convolo Design and took place at Forty five Downstairs in Melbourne, Australia. 

Solo Exhibitions

May 2016 - Melbourne

Tango of the Minimal Surface, the first of it’s kind in Australia consisting of a large range of 3D printed objects. Held at gallery fourtyfivedownstairs in Flinders Lane

Group Exhibitions

2121  Venice Architecture Biennale  - Italy

2020 Life and Death - Melbourne Australia
2019 Design Canberra Festival - Welcome to Wasteland - Canberra, Australia
2019 A.G.M Expo - Friends and Associates - Melbourne Australia
2019 Pieces Of Eight - Melbourne, Australia
2018 Wasteland - Melbourne, Australia
2017 Brunswick Street Art Gallery - Melbourne, Australia
2016 Wanted Design Exhibition, New York
Alessi Mutants selected design
2017 Wagga Wagga art Gallery design store showcase
2017 Melbourne Design week National Gallery of Victoria.
2014 Participated in a 1 week residency at the NGV for the
Melbourne Now exhibition and presented work to Luca Alessi from ALESSI
2012 Venice Biennale Space Symposium
Exhibited research project in the 2012 Venice Biennale Slovenian Pavilion
2011 Extremes Studio Dessa Gallery in Ljublijana, Slovenia
2010 Mechanical Processes: Architecture Biennale Beijing
2009 Visions: Beyond Media Festival, Stazione Leopolda, Florence, Italy
2040 City Built Systems, State of Design Festival
Ten Thousand Hours Trades Hall - November
Siemens presents RMIT fine art scholarship Awards” - December
2008 Some things don’t grow back RMIT School of Art Gallery - November
2007 Wondernamel at First Site Gallery - May
2006 Matter at First Site Gallery - November


2020 Guest lecture at the Australian National University, Canberra

2020 Guest Speaker for the Form Labs roadshow
2019 Wasteland exhibition and Green Magazine recorded floor talk
2019 Guest lecture, Material Science and Engineering department Monash University
2019 Guest crit RMIT
2019 Sustainable Design Consultant, Western General Health
2018 Panalist fab9 hardware massive
2018 Allens panel disscussion , 3D printing Industry
2017 Guest critic RMIT
2016-2017 Rotary guest presenter
2014 Presenter at the Space Symposium - Venice Biennale

Artist Dominic Ryan
Commissioned for 48 designs of unique jewelry to accompany Dominic’s garments in his coming fashion show in - 2011

Photography: John Gollings