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The Garden of Fine Art located just out of Kyoto’s bustling historic town, was one of the most surprising and delightful architecture experiences I have ever had. Having recently visited many of Tadao Ando’s grand edifices and having just explored Naoshima Island, I knew to expect something breathtaking, yet still I had underestimated the level of perfection Ando is able to achieve.

I am excited to share the fact that there was not a single living organism intentionally placed within the boundary of this garden. Somehow the delicateness of a vegetative garden had transfigured through concrete that played with form, texture, light and shade in such a stunning way. In contrast exists a giant fountain which plummets over a storey to the ground below. The sound of the water traveling initiates a state of mindfulness and the still reflection of pools of water became meditative.



Geometric parameters were so meticulously composed while considerately integrating famous impressionist artwork, placing them into the architecture as though they were a new thought. Water lilies by Monet distort in ripples beneath a pool of water by the entrance, Renoir's Two Sister’s in the distance as though about to begin their own walk through the garden.  Falling into a daydream of deep thought while the sun warms the concrete around you and illuminates the painted ceramic tiles of Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement.

I found it most profound in the way that a material like concrete could be configured in such a way as, to give one the same sublime feeling when looking at a bird of paradise. The very interpretation of the human experience within nature was matched not mimicked here in this marvellous Garden of Fine Art.

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