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sarah ceravolo - convolo design

Sarah Ceravolo, a forward-thinking designer, integrates her background in architecture and fine art as a basis to explore scale, technology and environments.

Through her design firm, Convolo Design, she employs architectural design methodologies to weave her unique creative vision across various disciplines. Her ethos, characterised by her use of high-tech applications, displays her neoteric impetus toward discovery and invention.

She is deeply Interested in helping to generate a symbiotic relationship of natural and man-made environments, both physical and metaphysical through theory and practice. Notably, her recent projects include her concept design of a hydrogen refuelling station, showcasing her broad understanding of architectural possibilities in re-imagining how these precincts operate. Additionally, her ongoing project, Edifice Adorned, explores the transfiguration of architecture elements possessed by edifices discerningly selected and studied by Sarah. These are scaled into wearable objects, illustrating her commitment to adaptable design principles and the human condition. Furthermore, she is in the process of designing and developing a virtual environment for shoppers, bridging the boundaries of reality and the virtual realm.

Sarah is not afraid to be considered undefined and non-stylistic, she attempts to transcend stylistic boundaries, rejecting abstract and phenomenological approaches. Sarah views architecture as a discipline for creating enduring arrangements that resist fleeting trends and generate sustainable nature-centric and liveable human-centric cities.

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