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sarah ceravolo - convolo design

Sarah Ceravolo, educated in Architecture was first trained in the fine arts, specialising in metalsmithing hand-crafted wearables and functional objects. She often imbued her work with philosophical meaning soon to realise that her plight ran far deeper than her love for making. Sarah then embarked on an education through architecture to explore the scale shift fom object to built environment, while all the time placing the human at the core. Here her exploration went from architecture to city and even space-station setting her trajectory toward new frontiers.

After graduating, the decision to remain an unregistered architect meant Sarah could begin her architecture theory through practical research. She began exploring the nexus of scale shifts, technology and the human condition through her design company, Convolo Design. Utilising the elements and tools of architecture as she had discovered them, Sarah applied those directly into a collection of wearables and objects in her solo exhibition, Tango of The Minimal Surface.

With two more collections that followed using similar design principles, she developed her red thread. A non-stylistic ethos defined by the principles and understanding of form, function, material, texture and scale in relation to the human body. Maintaining these principles with an understanding of culture and environmental context could provide a basis for generating meaningful architecture.

Sarah's concept of architecture is non-abstract, nor is it phenomenological but rather that architecture is a means to generating special arrangements and engagements that in their purest forms do not adhere to common fads or attempt to carry forth zeitgeist from past eras.

Sarah recently addressed the transfiguration of fossil fuel to clean energy in a concept hydrogen refuelling station she designed. This ongoing project is a perfect example of Sarah's ability to understand the breadth of which architecture spans. Another ongoing project undertaken by Sarah named Edifice Adorned analyses architecture elements of already existing edifices and how they can be extracted and translated through a scale shift into wearable objects. This generates transfigurable architecture principles in relation to human interactions at various scales.

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