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Tango of the Minimal Surface


Tango of the Minimal Surface explores the complexity of form and its realisation via the latest technology.


This exhibition opens a new chapter in the realisation of the design of unique and functional objects: 3D printing, bringing liberation from traditional production methods, showcases possibilities and scope. Even the most rigid of materials, including steel and ceramics, reveal almost infinite flexibility of design.


Each object features intricate geometric patterns or sinuous curves; each has its own seemingly dynamic nature.


This collection of work was directly inspired by my background in architecture. Parametric, detailed and textured designs where intended to question scalability from a wearable object to a habitable one. Some pieces use gradient textures which follow the geometry enhancing the form in all directions. Others were purely created through play with minimal surface algorithms orientated into functional forms. The purity of geometry was celebrated as I was careful to only enhance through texture and avoid over complicating and detracting from the form itself.



Materials were selected on the same grounds as the designs were formed. In order to enhance the geometric quality certain opaque or translucent materials were chosen and so too were their colours. A monochrome theme was apparent in the initial collection which again allowed form to dominate the design elements. Later primary colours were introduced which allowed the forms to take on another visual element enhancing their visual effect.


A collection of work was selected and developed upon by the NGV Design Store in Melbourne as an exclusive range.

Tango Of The Minimal Surface

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